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Use the Vyzion App to develop your marketing using a
proven process, templates, budgeting and objective management.

Fed up with spending money on marketing for it not to produce any results?

Get access to a browser based app that will help you develop marketing strategies and implementation plans faster, more in depth, including forecasts & budgets and 90 day objective setting so that you can implement change more consistently.

Are you struggling to find the budget for your marketing? Are you struggling to stay up to date with changes in marketing? Do you know how much each marketing resource should cost?

The Vyzion App has been designed to help you develop better marketing strategies. Use marketing templates so that you get an idea of what is currently working for a particular business model. Average agency costs are included so that you can quickly pull together a budget and then through iteration get to costs that work for you.

Can You Relate?

Can’t differentiate from competitors

Standing out in a crowded marketplace can be challenging. Your business needs to clearly communicate what makes you remarkable and what differentiates from your competition.

Confused about what you should be doing

You attend webinars and then talk to the marketing expert at your local network and they contradict each other. You then speak to a marketing consultant and they something else. How do you know who is right?

Difficult to demonstrate return on investment

How do you work out what is working and what isn’t? You may have been told that it takes time but how long to leave it? Marketing may be using quite a few approaches: website, Google advertising, Facebook advertising etc and so knowing what return is expected is difficult to tell.

Hard to keep up with industry changes

The marketing landscape is constantly evolving, with new technologies, trends, and strategies emerging regularly. Staying up to date with industry changes and continuously upgrading skills and knowledge can be demanding for businesses.

Change is agreed but nothing gets done

Implementing marketing requires a mixture of creativity, technical prowess and diligent project management with some data analysis skills on top. How do you make sure the various marketing campaigns are implemented on time?

Finding it difficult to develop a sustainable approach

The ideal for any business is to have a sustainable approach to your marketing so that you can assign a budget and resources and know that it will generate the required amount of business. But how do you achieve that?

Introducing The Vyzion App....

The first App to help You develop your marketing strategy, build revenue forecasts & Budgets, Create & Implement Marketing Plans.

The Vyzion App is guaranteed to speed up developing marketing strategies.

The App provides you with the latest marketing templates for implementation plans, and allows you to put budgets and forecasts together based on standard data from an agency. 

It will then allow you to update the costs and conversion ratios based on your data and it includes management by objectives so that you can set targets so that you can fine tune your plan for your business.

Free comprehensive online training course

We have developed a detailed online course which goes into the detail of the theory which underpins the framework and models in the Vyzion App. This normally retails for £275 at the moment but if you commit to using the App you can access it at no cost.

Free 1-2-1 support on using the Vyzion App

We are keen that you are successful in using the Vyzion App and so that we offer you a free 1-2-1 onboarding session to get you going. 

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Benefits Of The Vyzion App

Consistency and Standardization:

The app promotes consistency and standardisation in the marketing consulting process. It ensures that you follow best practices and utilise proven frameworks, resulting in more cohesive and effective strategies and plans.

Enhanced Collaboration:

The app can facilitate collaboration between you and your clients. It allows multiple stakeholders to access and contribute to the strategy, implementation plans, and budgeting process in a centralised platform, improving communication and alignment.

Resource Optimization:

The app assists you in optimising resources, including budget allocation and marketing channels. It enables consultants to allocate resources strategically based on client priorities, marketing goals, and expected returns.

Analytics and reporting:

The App can output a PDF which you can use as an internal development document and for the final presentation it can output in a Word document which you can then turn into a professional looking report for your client.

Scalability and Growth:

As you work with many clients and projects, the app can help support scalability and growth. It enables you to manage and track more marketing strategies, plans, and budgets across more clients and accounts efficiently.

The Vyzion App Features

An app designed to assist marketing consultants in developing marketing strategies, implementation plans, and marketing budgets should ideally offer the following features:

Marketing Budgeting Tools:

The app includes functionality for creating marketing budgets. It allows you to input budget allocations for different marketing activities and channels and provides visibility into projected costs.

Strategy Development Frameworks:

The app provides pre-built marketing implementation templates to guide you through the process of developing marketing strategies and implementation plans. The framework covers areas including market analysis, target audience identification, positioning, competitive analysis, and goal setting.

Project Management Capabilities:

To ensure smooth execution and implementation, the app offers objective setting so that you can agree with your client, what they are doing now, what they should be doing and what they plan to do in the next 90 days. This allows you to help the client stay focussed.

Template Library:

There is a library of templates to help you quickly develop implementation plans and include standardised costs so speeding up the strategy development process, and maintaining consistency in the final plan.

Resource Allocation
and Tracking:

The app gives you the ability to allocate a budgets & conversion ratios to individual marketing resources so that you can quickly fine tune the results.

About Vyzion International

Vyzion International is a culmination of working with hundred’s of small and medium sized businesses as a coach and marketing specialist.

Our vision is to help SMEs to enjoy growing their business and the App was developed with this in mind. The App is designed to be used by business owners, marketing consultants, business support organisations and business incubators and universities 

Using the right tools, Vyzion wants to create a process by using the App for businesses to create more effective marketing strategies, implementation planning and associated budgets and for those who support them to be more effective. 

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