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Startup companies not taking marketing planning seriously?

Get access to a browser based app that will help you develop marketing strategies and implementation plans faster, more in depth, including budgets and 90 day objective setting so that you can help your clients be more successful.

Starting a business is really hard and working on marketing strategies and implementation plans is important but not urgent and so don’t get the attention they deserve.

Working with startup companies can be very demanding and often doing the background market research and strategy development are put on the background because everyone knows that they are working on something no one else has thought of. Using Vyzion and the AI Assistant you can do a lot of background research quickly and be in a better place to not get blind sided.

Can you relate?

Startups need a lot of support

Startups typically have limited financial and human resources. Balancing the need to invest in product development, hiring, marketing, and other areas can be a difficult task. 

Startups have limited marketing expertise

Many startups may not have in-house marketing expertise, making it challenging for them to develop and implement effective marketing strategies. The incubator may have to invest significant time and resources in providing the necessary guidance and support.

Every startup has a diverse set of needs

Each startup is unique, with different target audiences, products, and markets. Developing and implementing a marketing strategy that is tailored to each startup’s needs can be complex and time-consuming.

Its hard for you as an incubator to scaleup

As you as the incubator supports more startups, it can be challenging to scale your services to meet the increasing demand. It may need to find ways to offer personalised support to a growing number of startups without compromising the quality of its services.

Rapid changes in marketing trends

The world of marketing is constantly evolving, with new channels, strategies, and technologies emerging regularly. Keeping up with these changes and helping startups adapt to them can be a significant challenge.

Long-term Commitment

As consultants grow their client base, scaling their business operations can be complex. Finding the right balance between delivering quality services and managing business processes and team dynamics is a common pain point.

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Introducing The Vyzion App....

Free access to the Vyzion App is guaranteed to speed up developing marketing strategies.

The app provides you with the latest marketing templates for implementation plans, and allows you to put budgets and forecasts together based on data from an agency. 

It will allow you to update the costs and conversion ratios based on client data as well as includes management to hold the client accountable to their monthly marketing tasks.

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Free 1-2-1 Support On Using The Vyzion App

We are keen that you are successful in using the Vyzion App and so that we offer you a free 1-2-1 onboarding session to get you going.

Free 1-2-1 Support On Using The Vyzion App

We are keen that you are successful in using the Vyzion App and so that we offer you a free 1-2-1 onboarding session to get you going.

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Consistency and Standardization

Ensure you follow best practices and utilise proven frameworks, resulting in more cohesive and effective strategies and plans, plus consistency and standardisation in the marketing consulting process.

enhanced collaboration

The app can facilitate collaboration between you and your clients. It allows multiple stakeholders to access and contribute to the strategy, implementation plans, and budgeting process in a centralised platform, improving communication and alignment.

Analytics and reporting

The App can output a PDF which you can use as an internal development document and for the final presentation it can output in a Word document which you can then turn into a professional looking report for your client.

Scalability and Growth

As you work with many clients you can get support in scaling and growth, enabling you to manage and track marketing strategies, plans, and budgets across more clients efficiently.

Resource Optimization

The app assists you in optimising resources, including budget allocation and marketing channels. It enables consultants to allocate resources strategically based on client priorities, marketing goals, and expected returns.

Powerful features

Nothing beats the Vyzion App in assisting marketing consultants in developing marketing strategies, implementation plans, and marketing budgets.

Budgeting Tools

Create marketing budgets with budget allocations.

template library

Choose from a library of templates to quickly develop implementation plans.

project management

Stay on the same page as your clients with objective setting.

strategy development Frameworks

Utilize frameworks covering market analysis, target audience identification, and more.

Resource allocation & tracking

Fine tune results by allocating budgets & conversion ratios to marketing resources.

About Vyzion International

Vyzion International is a culmination of working with hundred’s of small and medium sized businesses as a coach and marketing specialist.

Our vision is to help SMEs to enjoy growing their business and the App was developed with this in mind. The App is designed to be used by business owners, marketing consultants, business support organisations and business incubators and universities 

Using the right tools, Vyzion wants to create a process by using the App for businesses to create more effective marketing strategies, implementation planning and associated budgets and for those who support them to be more effective. 

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Join hundreds of other entrepreneurs who are crushing their marketing objectives with the Vyzion App.